Tuesday, November 27, 2012

As Predicted, @GregWHoward make #OpSlam All About Him. #p2

This is why #OpSlam is guaranteed to fail. It's run by a narcissistic spoiled brat who cannot take responsibility for his own actions.

He doesn't really give a shit if "the trolls" attack other #OpSlam members.  But if someone disagrees with him, it becomes an all out smear campaign.

Watch how Greg turns of a fellow conservative for questioning his actions.

No, @GregWHoward, YOU Know YOUR History!

#p2 #OpSlam

Good old Greg had this to say about ignorance of historic events:

Admirable, yes.  History is important.


On two occasions, Greg had this to say about Abraham Lincoln:

That's simply not true.  Hell, that's note even remotely close to being accurate.

The first executive order was issued by George Washington in 1789. Every president since then has also issued executive orders.

Why do people continue to look up to this man?  He is a carnival barker and a snake oil salesman rolled into one annoying and pathetic package.

Another Low Point for @GregWHoward #P2 #OpSlam

Monday, March 12, 2012

@GregWHoward's Daughter Speaks Out.

On 2/19/2012 a person named Dae Mitchell posted on the Libturds & Toilet Bugs blog:

I’ll also give you guys an exclusive. Greg W. Howard also has two children from a marriage to his FIRST wife in the early 80s. He shortly disowned both those children after impregnating another woman. When his first son was just several weeks old he put his wife, daughter, and son on a plane and sent them away. They never saw him again. Not long after he married the second woman (whether this marriage was legal or not remains to be seen since back then computers weren’t really keeping track). That second son became his beloved Junior but he quickly left that family behind and settled in with his current wife and sired two more sons. After years of fighting, his first wife got the state to garnish his wages for his back child support and to this day he’s still paying little by little but the payments aren’t regular because, as you see, he’s not exactly raking in the dough out there. His eldest child and only daughter attempted to form a connection with him at the age of 16 while he was in the midst of an extramarital affair with his current wife back in 1997 or so but he sold her (the daughter) up the river essentially and turned his back on her when she asked him to take responsibility for his abandonment. All she’d ever done was ask him to explain why he’d done it. Years later he still acts like he’s done nothing wrong. Plainly put, this man is a sociopath.

How do I know? I’m his daughter.

You can read the full blog post here. Dae's reply is the lat one on the page.