Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Is @Zapem a @GregWHoward Sock Account?

At 9:42 this morning, I RT'd & replied to a tweet from @Zapem to @Genjunky. Here is that tweet:

Yes, I hit the "q" instead of "1." I made a typo, move on, nothing to see here.

At 9:48AM @Zapem told @Genjunky (s)he was logging off.

Just two minutes later, @GregWHoward replies to the tweet I sent to @Zapem.

Now this may not seem like a big deal, BUT, @GregWHoward has me blocked. He can't see my tweets. The easiest explanation is that he had both accounts open in Tweetdeck and didn't pay attention which one he used to Tweet.

Now, they will claim it was a "set up" and they did it on purpose to make us look foolish. But, according to blogger Sarah Beth Jones, "those who protest the loudest are the ones trying to provide cover for themselves."

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Rant in Support of Same Sex Marriage by @medicinalwutang

A Rant in Support of Same Sex Marriage
Twitter user @medicinalwutang

On October 1st, 2011, I took the biggest step of my adult life- but it was not without trepidation. As I knelt down before the man I’ve been with for 3 years to ask his hand in marriage, I knew that somehow, some way, I would have to work hard to support us as a family. Millions of things rushed through my head, and it seemed like a lifetime before he said ‘yes’. I thought of buying a house in a suburb somewhere. I thought of furnishing our home the way we wanted to. I thought of being able to take care of everything we owned and still live comfortably. But most of all, I thought of our wedding.

Riley and I are both native Michiganders, born and raised. We’ve spent our entire lives here, and we have no plans of leaving any time soon. So why on earth should we have to get married in another state? Why should we inconvenience ourselves and family? Why can’t we do it in the state that we call home? Currently, Michigan bans all types of same sex partnerships, which, to be quite honest, bothers me to an unforgivable degree.

There are no arguments against same sex marriage that can stand up to the scrutiny of one who can think logically. A man marrying another man will not ruin your “straight way of life”. We are not out to take over anything. We simply want what every single other American citizen wants- to be happy. We want to be able to live our lives freely and without fear, to be allowed to build lives for ourselves. For some, a civil union may be enough. But I don’t want to call the man I fell in love with my partner, I want to call him my husband. I didn’t spend 3 years of my life with him to settle for the “next best thing”.

We, as Americans, need to think logically about this situation. Those who believe in same sex marriage need to stand up, whether they be straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgendered, or just curious. Nobody has any right to say that two adults who are in love should not be allowed to marry. If they want to get married, what does it matter to you? How does it affect you? How could it possibly hurt you? If you think that two members of the same sex being married will somehow ruin this country, you need to check your priorities, because they’re quite obviously skewed.